Episode 014: Interview with the Cast of the Alliance Chronicles

Interview with the Cast of the Alliance Chronicles

Tonight we have with us the cast from the upcoming web-series Alliance Chronicles which is based on characters and the world of School Nightz…a collection of three novellas from Author Michelle Cornwell-Jordan. This Independent video production comes from 4CWMedia and Under The Towers Productions.

The web-series plotline follows the three main characters Angel (played by Brianna Jordan), Rafael (played by Angel Ray) and Elin (played by Allyson Womack) as they hunt the evil Wasiki and his rogue paranormals who escape at the end of novella three. The team is diverted to the 19th century where with the help of two new characters must face the their greatest enemy and stop him from bringing back an ancient enemy that would destroy the Human and Paranormal world.

Read the books here: http://amzn.to/2idHuCz
Check for updates here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/MCJordan-Books-288004677978367/videos/


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