Episode 033: Interview with Noelle Riches

Join Elle, AR, and Paulina as we interview Noelle Riches, author of “The Queen’s Training.”

**Noelle offers a giveaway, listen for details**

Find out more at:
Author Website: https://www.noelleriches.com/


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Woman, wife, mother, writer, knitter and sarcasm aficionado.
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3 Responses to Episode 033: Interview with Noelle Riches

  1. Jackie says:

    What made you become a writer and where do you get your ideas


    • Hi Jackie! Great questions:) I always wanted to be a writer growing up and remember scribbling “novels” in a binder in elementary school, then writing them up on an old black and orange DOS computer my parents bought me. I think I just loved falling into the different adventures books took me on, and then wanted to create my own for others to fall into, and it’s just grown from there! In terms of getting ideas, they often start in lots of different ways- I write romance, so sometimes seeing a couple on the street makes me wonder about their love story, and then I create my own history for them. Sometimes the first line of a book comes to me, or a title for a book, and a story develops from there, sometimes it’s a mix of those with my own fantasies. It always seems like ideas hit me in different ways and I love how strangely unique each story origin is for me. So many ideas don’t develop into anything, but there are some that won’t let me go, and it’s a mix of knowing I have to write it down in order to be free of it, and getting far too excited to write it all down at once before it slips away.


    • elleclouse says:

      Jackie! You are the winner! Will you email me at fantasyromancepodcast at gmail dot com? I can get you your prize. ❤


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